Are the rappers Eminem and Nicki Minaj connected?


Rumors about a romance between rappers Eminem and Nicky Minaj started after fans asked the latter if it was related to Eminem and she responded “Yes”.

Eminem came into the conversation saying, “You know it is true.”

This caused Minaj to return this: “Heart, I thought we would keep it secret until we got married. We’ll talk together when I get back home. ”

Eminem added a wave of rumors during a Boston concert: “Boston, how many of you want me to sign up with Nicky Minaj?”

The fans began to cheer and the rapper said, “Okay, I also want. Nicky, if you are receiving this message, write me later to talk about this. ”

Minaj’s reaction on Twitter was absent: “I love you so much, Em. We need you on the album ‘Queen’. Here is our first meeting. As I will look at your beautiful eyes, you will write verses. “