EU trade vengeance. From now on, new tariffs on US goods are in force


The European Union’s expulsive tariffs on US goods came into effect today, the latest attack on Donald Trump’s commercial policy.

Taxes affect articles worth a total of 2.8 billion euros, targeting also important US products such as whiskey, motorcycles and orange juice.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recalled how America was the first to set new tariffs that were in conflict with logic and history. Following Turkey on Thursday, India also imposed tariffs on over 29 products imported from the United States, including some agricultural and other aluminum and steel goods.

Its tariffs come into effect from 4 August and hit especially almond exports. India is the biggest buyer of American almonds in the world, so this movement is expected to seriously deteriorate over American farmers.

Donald Trump made his threat realistic, including from 1 June to the EU in the new US tariffs, and his list extended, among other things, to Canada and Mexico.

But the responses he is receiving from all sides cause the question to be raised: Can America really deal with trade war with everyone?