Tasmanian “Devils” are now in the ring in Australia


Cheese crunchers, cricket stick, barbed wire and pinesque are some of the weapons used in wrestling games that are taking place in Tasmania, the largest island in Australia, where some of the country’s most famous wrestlers take part.

But unlike what you might think, the blood that you will see in the pictures below is true! Opponents perform as if they were on stage, but the fists and kicks that swap with each other leave consequences.

Nothing prevents them from joining the ring, only when the referee makes the “X” sign, which means that the match must be terminated immediately after the situation is very severe.

Women and men encounter these “death and death” matches, as the organizers discovered that it was just such a confrontation that attracted more publicity, especially when women gain.

Wrestling is a sport that is gaining much attention in Australia and in October is the biggest event of this sport to be organized by WWE.