Naked model of the Wall of Lights, controversy from around the world


Totally naked, sitting in a plastic chair, and in the background Wall of Tears in Jerusalem. This is the view that has caused endless controversy in almost the whole world.

Marisa Papen, Belgian model is the character in the picture, and for this image is just a picture.

Starting from the backlash and endless criticism of her account, Marisa Papen has written on her official website that “Liberty is becoming a luxury”.

But in Israel the realization and publication of this picture is considered a real religious scandal.

“A serious and reprehensible episode. The holiness of the country and the feelings of the believers have been violated, “said the Rabbi of the Wall of Lot.

This is not the first time the Papal is at the center of the controversy. In the past, the 26-year-old was sentenced to jail after posing naked at the Karnak temple near Luxor. And then she has again bare naked among a tribe in Ethiopia, with whom she lived for 1 week.

But Jerusalem is considered a sacred place not only for the Jews but also for Christians and Muslims.